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Patrick P. Long is a father and widower born and raised in St. Louis, MO. While pursuing his lifelong ambition of being a writer, Patrick has earned his living as a systems' engineer and database architect, which means he is a nerdy computer programmer.


Patrick has passions for aviation, sports, reading, writing, theater, music, movies, and popcorn. He eats way too much pizza and buffalo wings. He likes to binge-watch really good television shows.


Patrick has trained as a pilot and flown an airplane solo. He completed a grueling 24-hour adventure race with four of his most insane friends. In training, Patrick flipped over the handlebars of his mountain bike and smashed face-first into a tree, somehow managing not to break his nose or knock out any teeth. What is even more embarrassing and he doesn't want to admit is that he did it again a week later.


Patrick's wife, Melanie, passed from breast cancer in 2019. In the months following her passing, Patrick endeavored to follow his lifelong dream of being an author and delved deeper into the grieving process by writing a memoir of Melanie’s final weeks and their lives and relationship. In addition to his dedication to writing and speaking, Patrick continuously seeks outlets to share stories of hope and inspiration to help cancer victims, caregivers, and anyone overcoming trauma and tragedy in their lives and relationships.


Patrick is an active and avid supporter of the American Cancer Society and also Camp Kesem, a phenomenal camp and a child’s friend through and beyond a parent’s cancer.


Patrick's middle initial is not P. Patrick played basketball in college, and his good friend and teammate, Walt, would call him Patrick P Long every time he saw Patrick. If Patrick was sharpening a pencil, Walt might say, "Patrick P Long! The P stands for Pencil Sharpening!" If Patrick was putting on his shoes, Walt might say, "Patrick P Long! The P stands for Putting On His Shoes!"


Other teammates and friends would get in on it and come up with some new moniker for the P. In four years of college, Patrick can not remember the P ever standing for the same thing twice. It was always something new and unique.


On the evening of graduation, they all went out to celebrate. As Patrick began pouring a beer for Walt from a pitcher. Walt said, "Patrick P Long! The P stands for..." It seemed obvious that Walt was about to say something about either Pouring or Pitcher, but instead Walt asked, "What does the P stand for?"


"I don't know," Patrick replied, "It stands for whatever you say it stands for."


Walt looked confused. "Well, is that even your real middle initial?"


"Nope." Patrick said.


After the hysterical laughter subsided, Walt said, "So we've been calling you that all these years and it isn't even your middle initial?"


"Yep." Patrick replied. "My middle name is James. My middle initial is J."


From the time he was young, Patrick always thought it would be cool to be a writer. He loved Mark Twain, and upon learning that Mark Twain was a pen name for Samuel Clemens, Patrick wanted to have a cool pen name like Mark Twain and other writers.


In a conversation with an aunt who also aspired to be a writer, Patrick's aunt challenged using a pen name. "You shouldn't be afraid to stand up for your work. You shouldn't hide behind a fake name. Be proud of what you've written." She argued.


Patrick had never thought of it that way before. He just thought having a pen name was a cool thing writers did. He realized later that the perfect compromise was to write as Patrick P. Long, which incorporates his real name but also serves as a pen name at the same time. So now you know the story of the P. Forevermore, the P stands for Published Author.


- Patrick P. Long

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